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something · more · precious · than · rubies

something more precious than gold

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school officially starts today. and i just realised that i missed a lesson today cos i thought the lesson for this only starts in wk2.

Seriously don't feel like going back to school. Saw the course outlines for some courses, such a bummer. it will be the whole cycle of rushing for time to complete assignments and projects again.

but go lene, enjoy what you're doing.
everything just occurs for that one time in your life.

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i've never really been a click-happy person. but i guess photos help to remind me of how happy/ sad i was on that very occasion.

Looking at the photos we took just a few days ago at the slpover and the annual dinner really is a joy-bringer. I know that some time in the future, when we start working and life starts getting busier and some other things take priority over our friendships, i'll always look back at all these pictures and be reminded of the joy and laughter once again. ya' all are really blessings ya know?? 

/blind mice at the playground, competing on who does the most 'pull-ups', shrek and bear ears, screams, shouts, crazy photo taking... sounds crazy and childish ya? but when you actually get down to doing them with ppl you love, its so so so much fun. :)

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amidst all the excitement, i don't want to forget the lessons i've learnt in 2007. i don't want to forget the friends i've made and kept. i don't want to forget the blessings. I don't want to forget the hurts but the lessons i've gained from them.

just some 'reminders':
1) don't focus on impossible and frivolous thoughts that I can't do anything about.
2) do keep up with the qt and faith
3) stay in contact with the close ones and be a more encouraging friend

Have a God-filled 2008 everyone!

the pictures will do more talking than words can tell, besides i'm super tired from the stayover. it wasn't a slpover, cos i 'slept' at 5.30am.

and i can't upload them here, some error keeps on occuring. so go to this link if you wanna see.


and this one for album 2:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=80625&l=14c5d&id=536575152


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pre Christmas was fun. post- Christmas was fun. But even more important was Christmas day itself.

I was almost carried away by the whole commercialization of Christmas, but some dear friends reminded me of what Christmas was really about. The greatest gift is in Christ Jesus. And if you haven't exactly thought about this before, maybe ya can go find out why the greatest gift is in Him.

And the past week has been really, really eventful. I won't like to blog about every single thing. As i think the meetups were more for me to realise the kinships that i share with certain family and friends than just for mere fun- and i think kinships and relationships cannot be described by words. They need to be experienced. Just a whole deal of realisations for me. Of how I've come to value certain things more than others, all in the span of one year. And with my perspectives aligned from P. Serve and everything, some of the 'significants' in my life are really different from some of my friends'.

Yet again, I was musing again after today's events. What is the motivation? And what really counts? Even if the whole thing doesn't work out, it would have been important enough to just obey and act on it. I'm so thankful for the people in the mtg today. Words won't do justice to the 'understanding-ness' that so many people have displayed toward me.

The new year thoughts will probably come on the 1st Jan, since tmr will be a busy night (stayover at Ray's hse! yay!). I've decided not to post new year resolutions here, too personal laa.. i very shy wanzZzZ. haha.

kudos! bye 2007 in advance!
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if i make this decision, one party will be happy while the other party will get upset. So it's not a very pleasant situation to be in. If I need to take into account what every one will think and feel, I'll never get this decision straight. So i've decided to make a decision that will bring the most glory to God and quit analysing what others will think. Make a decision that will reflect my principles not others' principles.Because this decision will make me treasure what I'm doing so much more, than if I am involved in both. It's not what i do that matters, but that God increases and I decrease.

And some ppl tell me, why don't i just involve in both. Tried that for 3 months, i think i'm not focusing enough. Unfocused, divided attention is ineffective; others can cope, but sorry, don't compare me with others cos we're all different.

It's been bugging me for so long, too long, i need to come to a solution about this. 

I think my problem is that I'm too uptight. Let go, lene. I'm not a superwoman, there are things beyond me and sometimes it is ok to admit that i can't cope. Humility is truly God-given cos its so difficult to practice it.
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i finished watching hana kimi(japanese version) in one day. Nakatsu is cute!!!

" Its possible that I could cry in 5 seconds.

Ok. now on to more important things that I need to do. but ah well.. its ok to watch a bit of these kinda funny shows once in a while right?? heh.

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haha. what a random title, what i'm gonna type has i think nothing to do with the title.

oh well. failed my driving test on Tues, was quite disappointed bout that, but later i thought, its only driving, its really not a big deal. And after some 'prep-talking' by my parents about it, i realised i shouldn't get so bothered about these small matters in life, these are just really tiny hiccups in life.  but the next test is in MARCH! 3 months later! urgh.

so. my legs are now aching after running/jogging for 1/2 hr on tues, how lousy right. this shows how much i haven't been exercising. But i'm more or less determined to start exercising again.

met up with Ame and Mich over the past 3 days. really fun chatting with them. cos we're somewhat similar but not so similar, and rather lame and random. so its quite funny at times. I wana meet up again, at least before school starts.

I bought Pride and Prejudice yesterday. the book of course. I like reading classics, and 20th Century Modern literature(of course not those trashy ones) come in second. Classics seem to convey the human emotions in a much more indepth way than many books do nowadays, and that's what I like. I'm gonna finish reading this book and another one that i started reading already at least before school starts..

Seems like I'm packing so many things to the category of 'at least before school starts' , and i fail to realise that there's only around 3 more weeks left to the new school term. ARGH! but sis is coming back nxt WED! and Amanda coming back nxt FRI! whoooopee!

ok lene..carpe diem!( i'm using this in the wrong context i think)
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The past 5 days have taught me lots. In terms of how i deal with things, how I manage my feelings etc. I don't think i work well with certain ppl and I think patience is truly a virtue, i don't exactly have patience towards certain ppl. I have a really strong desire to just tell ppl straight in their face when I can't stand how they're doing things, but I've learnt that encouraging and kind words have a much more positive impact on ppl than harsh and straight-in-your-face brashness and outbursts. So Lord, pls give me the patience.

The canoe meetup was significant in a special way. We move on, and sometimes the 'move on' goes on at different paces,  some faster than others, some slower than others. But I think that's life, people change, we change, I change.  But there're certain friends that change at the same pace as me, and I think they're those friends that can still be closer to me despite us not being in the same class/sch/ CCA anymore. By change, i don't mean the character change, cos i believe that intrinsically, a person's character will always be the same; i mean their outlook on things, the topics they talk about that change; there's a difference between these and character.

Bible Trail was a reminder to me  of God's goodness  as well as my inadequacies.  So much learnt.

The next week will be a whole whirlwind of meet-ups. There's an upcoming driving test, friends are returning to spore from Perth, a acapella concert in church to look forward to and pray for. And sis is returing in ard 2 weeks time. I can't wait! the 3 months have just whooshed by.

There's so much to pray for. So much to look forward to. But I like to halt things, with the coming of the new year and the end of 2007, and pose a question to 2007: how have you changed me over this (almost) 365 days?
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yup, some matters are bothering me nowadays. Although they might be relatively unimportant to the average person, they bother me nonetheless.
1)My laptop's DVD drive is giving me problems, the lappie can't detect it, i must have done something. sigh. i'll never delete stuff without checking again. me and my 'clearing away stuff' tendencies gotta change.
2) hana yori dango's nice. but i'm spending too much time finishing it. cos i'm usually busy with yfc, church, or other stuff and only get to catch 1 episode/2 episodes per day. i don't exactly like the feeling of dragging on and tend to like finishing all at one shot, since it'll be less long-drawn and i'll be withdrawn from my drama fetish asap. And can focus on more important things. 
3) just had a really scary dream. not scary in the sense of monsters and dragons or getting chased ard by a policecar sort of way. But my dreams always have to do with people i know, and this time, it was really scary. And its cause i remember the dream that i say that its scary. I hardly remember my dreams. I must have been thinking of this scenario for quite some time cos ppl say dreams are manisfestations of what you think about in the day. But i dunno if that's true..

My whole week's jam packed. And i actually like keeping some nights or days free so that I can have some time to plan for the coming year, think about stuff. All this and squeezing in the time to meet my dear friends, when the sem starts, it'll be a rush for time again till the next holidays.
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I know i'm kinda slow here. but i'm watching hana yori dango now!

And I think hanazawa rui is kinda cute! looks like patrick starfish has good taste. haha.

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